Our Vision

 To be a Center of Excellence for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for Individuals, Families and Organizations.

Our Mission

To Implement Strength-Based Programs that Reinforce Individual, Marriage, Family and Corporate Wellness & Resilience.

Core Services

  1. Marriage/ Family life preparation

    Aimed at enrich marriages with excellent relationship management skills and individualised counselling services.

  2. Relationship Coaching

    Aimed at enrich marriages with excellent relationship management skills and individualised counselling services.

  3. Family Therapy & Counselling

    Aimed at facilitating reconciliation and restoration of individuals and families through individualised/customised one-on-one therapy sessions.

  4. Preparing Boys for family life

    Training Program- aimed at nurturing and mentoring the boy child for future family leadership

  1. Workplace, Staff & organisational resilience program

    This program was designed to enhance opportunities for fulltime working individuals to access Life, Marriage and Parenting coaching, individual and family therapy & Mental health support in a workplace setting.

  2. Character building for children and youth

    Our character and leadership curriculum uses memorable imagery, real-life stories and practical experiences to instil long-lasting character qualities in children/youth. The research-based approach to this flexible, proven character education program empowers children and youth adults to choose the core values of their lives and spark change in their personal value system.

  3. Inspirational speaking sessions

    We also offer inspirational sessions.

  4. Parenting Education

    This program was designed to provide specialised training that enhances positive parenting that focuses on maintaining stability, care, predictability, and protection of children in a loving family environment.


Centre for Mental Health and  Family Care (ICFC) International Ltd is a Christian consultancy firm specializing in the provision of specialized and comprehensive family therapy and life coaching services. Our vision is a world where individuals and families are stable; and children are well groomed and adequately prepared for life’s challenges. The overall mission of ICFC Ltd is to enhance individual and family stability through improved relationship management skills and adequate preparation for family life and life generally; moving individuals to a higher level of functioning.

We partner with top companies

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